Station Island Power Plant

If you're looking for a truly gritty and industrial look to accent your loft living style, look no further.

This decommissioned power plant is a treasure trove of rust, dust, decrepit machinery, debris and abandonment.

CW Lofts

Choose from a beautiful collection of prints for your home featuring the CW building.

These images were taken in and around the Cream Of Wheat building after it was vacated by Nabisco and during the transformation into condominiums.

These artful, colorful and sometimes gritty images are the perfect compliment to loft style living at CW.

Cross Town Sweeping Corp.

Bring your space alive with a brilliant blue street sweeper brush or red if you prefer. Images from this little repair shop, once located on Hiawatha Avenue, bring color and texture to your loft.


Colorful, textured, whimsical, political, expressive, angry, silly and beautiful, graffiti does it all.

There are styles and colors that will make any space cool.

Construction Sites

Up close and colorful! Here's a new perspective on the ordinary construction site. Big machinery becomes really interesting when your right next to it. Tools and building materials possess the texture and color that might otherwise be missed.

Machines of Old

You've seen this before. Old tractors and farm equipment parked in a field for years or along side a country road. They don't make 'em like this anymore.


Here's a change of pace! These little guys, finger puppets, are scary and cute at the same time. How can you not smile!

Black & White

Perfect for any space.