What's this all about?

In the mid-2000s, I launched a number of photographic projects that I referred to collectively as Industrial Still Life. After years of just fun and travel photos, I found that many of my subjects tended to be not the big landscapes or sunsets, but more narrowly focused on things you might otherwise walk or drive right by.

That construction project that delays your commute is a perfect example. Most try to get by as quickly as possible without a second look. I was more likely to pull over and take a closer look.

Invariably, I found a trove of interesting objects that became the subject of my Industrial Still Life projects.

I've isolated elements in large industrial settings such as a construction site, demolition projects, abandoned equipment or buildings. Individual elements might be part of a large machine, idol construction tool, building materials or simply debris. In each case, I found an aesthetic quality that highlights color, texture, light or an interesting pattern--hopefully all in one image. In some cases, these objects are familiar but captured in a unique way, but often these objects are completely mysterious, their function known only to its original owner or operator.

I worked on these projects, just because I loved being able to pull these elements out of the sidelines and presenting them in a whole new way. I just thought it was cool.

I shared my work, my oddball view of this world, mostly with friends, but now after years of sitting in my personal archive, I've decided to share in a bigger way.

I hope you enjoy this work and find just the right space to share it with your friends, family and others that appreciate a non-traditional view.

Terry Barth

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